Annual Report for 2015/16

As the Treasurer reported elsewhere, our balance has risen during the year thanks to increased membership. Much of this increase, as we discussed at the last AGM, came from announcements at lectures, and some lower costs also contributed. We now have 67 paying members, all at the full £5, (13 more than last year.) We were also successful this year in maintaining the higher attendances reported last year, and in continuing to attract engaging and interesting speakers.

In the Autumn we opened in late October with a joint lecture at St Wulstanís by Roz Bell and her husband Tim Parkin (Manchester) on Discovering the Private Life of the Romans. This was followed by an introductory Lecture on the Aeneid by Ken Dowden (Birmingham) at Keele and a reading of Book II at a memberís house, which proved entirely possible in the span of an evening, despite concerns expressed at the AGM.

We resumed in February with a reading of Senecaís Medea, at our Chairmanís house. Clemence Schultze (Durham) then lectured on Greek Clothing: Reality & Reconstruction at Keele (Hellenic Society joint meeting.) David Mattingly (Leicester) spoke in March on Green Gold: the Olive in the Roman World, in our third visit to Keele, for the Roman Society joint meeting. Our reading of Euripidesí Ion was also at Keele (the best attendance for a reading for some years).

We are grateful to the school and to Keele SCR for free use of the rooms for these meetings.

Our annual trip, in May, this time by train rather than coach, was as usual open to other bodies and was to Chester. The trip because no coach hire was involved, was of course at no cost to the Branch. Numbers were higher than we anticipated, at normal coach levels, but regretfully there are few if any opportunities for other train trips. The lack of a coach also restricts our choice of evening meal venue, for many a key part of the day. We are grateful as ever to Andy Fear for leading us round both the sites in the city and the Grosvenor Museum.

The Latin and Greek reading groups have continued successfully to run approximately monthly throughout the year, independently of the core programme, and a Beginners Latin Group has also been started, thanks to Nigel Coulton.

Events 2015/2016

LECTURE: Dr Roslynne Bell and Professor Tim Parkin (University of Manchester)

7.30 pm, Tuesday 3 November 2015
St Wulstans's (RC) Primary School, Church Lane, Wolstanton, ST5 0EF

LECTURE: Professor Ken Dowden (University of Birmingham)

(an introduction to the Aeneid suitable for beginners)
7.30 p.m., Thursday 26 November 2015
Senior Common Room, Keele Hall, University of Keele, ST5 5BG

READING: (in English translation) of Aeneid Book II

7.30 p.m., Thursday 3 December 2015
Private House in Newcastle - contact Secretary for address

Texts will be available, but please bring the Penguin Classics translation, if you are able.

PLAY READING: (in English translation) of Seneca: Medea

7.30 p.m., Tuesday 9 February 2016
Priest's House, St Wulstan's, Church Lane, Wolstanton, Newcastle, ST5 0EF

      Roman Theatre, Orange, © Stephen Clifford, June 2004 The Roman Theatre at Orange.

Copies of the text will be available.

LECTURE: Dr Clemence Schultze (University of Durham)

7.30 p.m., Thursday 25 February 2016
Senior Common Room, Keele Hall, University of Keele, ST5 5BG
Joint meeting with the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies

LECTURE: Professor David Mattingly (University of Leicester)

7.30 pm, Tuesday 15 March 2016
Senior Common Room, Keele Hall, University of Keele, ST5 5BG
Joint meeting with the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

PLAY READING: (in English translation) of Euripides' Ion

7.30 p.m., Tuesday 12 April 2016
SCR Bar, Keele Hall, University of Keele, ST5 5BG

Copies will be available, but please bring the Penguin Classics edition, if you are able.


ANNUAL TRIP, Saturday 21 May 2016, this year by train not coach!:

Chester Roman Remains & Grosvenor Museum, led by Dr Andy Fear. Those joining this trip can either join a group leaving Crewe Station about 10 a.m. (return fare just over £12) or travel independently and meet us, near St John the Baptist Church beside the Amphitheatre in Chester, soon after 11 a.m. (Further details will be given to everyone making a booking.)

      Roman Amphitheatre Roman Amphitheatre. River Dee River Dee

The booking form can be downloaded here.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Branch will take place on Tuesday 28 June 2016, at 7.30 pm, at the Priest's House, Wolstanton. This event is for members only.

Latin and Greek Reading Groups 2015/16

The Latin and Greek reading groups continue to meet approximately monthly, in the morning, independently of the general programme, for those who wish to read ancient (and medieval Latin) literature in the original, and to work together on deciphering the meaning, in a relaxed atmosphere. These groups are not for beginners, but thanks to Nigel Coulton a Beginners Latin from Scratch weekly Group is also now available, strictly limited to 5 members. This group began its course on Tuesday mornings in March 2016.

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